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Fire Engineering Consultant

Airpocket Designs is a consultancy in smoke pressurisation and pressure differential systems for smoke control. These often form part of a comprehensive fire engineered relaxation. Related to this is the field of fire and smoke resistance of building elements and active components such as fans

It is a complex and sometimes opaque field, – our approach is from first principles for this reason. The standards guidance is necessarily produced as a general solution and does not cover many configurations that we have encountered. Thus we work things out from first principles and generate relaxations where predicted technically, by default

Our background is practical design engineering and site work, so we have a good idea of what is practical, cost effective and what will not work. Having the experience of managing fire and aerodynamic testing of building elements fire testing, we can see things in standards that we know will be an issue long term on site, when installed. We view a building as a process, not just a static structure. It needs audits and charts, just like a financial audit needs charts, risk views and an information database

On a historical note pressurisation was first used in WW2 to hold back poison gas in underground bunkers and gun turrets. There were FRS projects in 1960’s on the subject and full scale fire tests in New York, Cardiff in 1972, and Hamburg. Often avoided as over-complex by consultants it is a “pass/fail” design which can be embarrassing for the designer unless he has his survey and calculations fully sorted

Standards regularly invoked

¦BS EN 12101-3:2002 Smoke and heat control systems: Part 3: Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators
¦BS EN 12101-6:2005 Smoke and heat control systems: Part 6: Specification for pressure differential systems-Kits.
¦BS PAS 911: BSI 2007: Fire Strategies, guidance and framework for their formulation
¦NFPA 2006: Standard for smoke control systems, utilising barriers and pressure differences NFPA92A
Major projects designed and approved
Pressurisation of major bank office block fire fighting access, Glasgow

Pressurisation of major retail units, fire fighting access, Edinburgh

Pressurization of listed 7 storey listed terraced property, London W1

Pressurisation of stairs/lifts 70 storey sky scraper Abu Dhabi

Depressurisation of 14 storey flats and commercial development, London W1

Depressurisation of fire fighting access 8 storey offices, East Sussex

Smoke and environmental control of GW CCGT powerstation, Yorkshire

Major shop unit smoke management design fit-outs for major name retailers, Scotland, NI, ROI and England, 40 number


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